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Winter Wonderland Fashion Show

Happy New Year Key Clubbers!
SGO and Key Club will be partnering once again!


Date: Friday, January 20th
Time: 4:00 - 6:00 PM
Room: Library
Points: 10 points

Potential Prize: $25

The annual Brooklyn Tech Fashion Show is commencing this January! The library will be transformed to fit this year’s theme of Winter Wonderland. Volunteers who sign up can choose to either model on the catwalk in the show, help design clothing for the models to wear, or both. The designers who create the two best outfits will each receive a $25 gift card. We hope this year's show can be just as good as the rest and we need your help to ensure it does.
The sign-up and all requirements and deadlines are listed for participants on the form below. Please check your email for any updates regarding the show.

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